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Making companies in the food and hospitality industry more sustainable

  • Would you like to promote sustainability in your company?
  • Would you like to become more economical?
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Being sustainable and remaining economically successful is easier than you think. Create your first sustainability report and show everyone that you too are a hero. It's easy with Das Helden-Atelier! For a solidary, fair, ecological and profitable action!


Let's rethink the economy together and make the world a little better. Because: an ethical economy is possible!



Regardless of whether you are just starting your company or have been there for a long time, whether you are a sustainability professional or a newcomer, whether you are a small business or have grown over many years: Together we will take your next step.


Because even those who start small can think big and achieve great things.


Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

SOCIETY HAS CHANGED. In the past 10 years, the social awareness of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and diet has developed immensely. Many people specifically ask where food is bought and whether it was produced according to organic standards. Living sustainably is a status symbol. It is perceived as a real luxury and many people are willing to pay money for it.


For hotels, restaurants and the food industry, sustainability is much more than just an image. The concrete turnover and the survivability of your company are affected by a sustainable orientation. Your customers no longer make decisions based on purely financial criteria, but are increasingly consuming products and services that are proven to be suitable for their grandchildren.


Fahrplan für Ihre Geschäftsentscheidungen

A sustainable corporate orientation not only gives your company a positive image and sets it apart from the competition. Your products and services become more attractive to your customers and you attract and retain motivated employees.


There is also great potential in the B2B sector with regard to a sustainable company orientation.

Around 70% of the 100 largest companies already have a sustainability report. There is therefore increased interest in suppliers and service providers in the food and hospitality industry who have demonstrably positioned themselves to be sustainable.


Take advantage of these opportunities and keep up with the times!



Sustainable development goals

Show your company's commitment to sustainability with a SUSTAINABILITY REPORT and use it to continuously develop your company.


The holistic sustainability report of the economy for the common good (ECG), the ECG BALANCE-SHEET, offers optimal opportunities to meet the new requirements and, with its reference to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN (SDG's), it has the potential to become a global standard.


With the expertise of DAS HELDEN-ATELIER you will succeed in creating your first ECG Balance-Sheet right away and with fun!





Would you like to make your company sustainable AND economically sucessful?

Create your first sustainability report and show everyone that you are a hero. It's easy with DAS HELDEN-ATELIER!


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