New values for companies

We support you with the transformation

New values for companies

We support you with the transformation

New values for companies

We support you in the transformation!


More future through sustainability and orientation towards the common good

We are convinced: only sustainable and common good oriented companies will have a future!

DAS HELDEN ATELIER supports and accompanies hotels and catering establishments in this transformation. We see ourselves as motivators, enablers and supporters on your company’s sustainability journey.

In addition, we support companies and organizations from all sectors in producing a common good balance sheet as well as in further corporate development.

Let us work together to ensure that your company shines as a responsible and future-oriented company!






What's in it for your company?

More and more companies are already making their operations sustainable. These are their reasons:

Cost savings

By using energy, water and other resources more efficiently, companies can reduce their operating costs. Investments in sustainable technologies often pay off in the medium to long term by reducing consumption and thus reducing running costs.

Competitive advantages

Green positioning can provide a significant competitive advantage by offering unique selling points that help differentiate from fellow companies.

Employee motivation and retention

Many people want to work for companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment. Sustainable commitment can help motivate employees and bind them to the company in the long term.

Funding and financing advantages

There are various funding programs and favorable financing conditions for companies that invest in sustainable practices. This can make it easier to implement appropriate measures and reduce initial investments.

Risk management and future orientation

Integrating sustainability principles reduces risks associated with environmental pollution, resource scarcity or legislation. This can also influence insurance costs and increase resilience to volatile market fluctuations.

Attractive to environmentally conscious guests

A growing proportion of travelers prefer sustainable accommodation and restaurants. These customers may be willing to pay a higher price for environmentally friendly services, providing stable demand in an increasingly environmentally conscious market.

Marketing- und PR benefits

Sustainability is a positive image factor. Companies that successfully implement and communicate about sustainability measures can improve their brand perception and be recognized as responsible market participants.

Compliance with legal requirements

Laws and regulations in the area of environmental protection are continually becoming more stringent. Early adjustments and proactive engagement can help avoid penalties and ensure the company stays ahead of future legislation.

Access to new markets and guest groups

Sustainability initiatives can enable hotels and restaurants to tap into new customer segments that value environmental and social sustainability.

Regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established company, a sustainability beginner or a professional, a small business or a large company: We will support you in your next steps!

How we can help your business:

As a trained professional in the hospitality business with many years of professional experience, a studied business economist and a certified common good advisor, Sandra Wacker brings with her the knowledge and the appropriate skills to help companies develop in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. Her combination of specialist knowledge, practical experience and a comprehensive understanding of sustainability enables her to develop tailored solutions tailored to each company's unique challenges and goals.

Our latest success story:

Christiane Hütte, owner and managing director of the Hotel Villa Orange in Frankfurt am Main:

"Sandra supports us efficiently in producing our second common good balance sheet for our hotel, with a structured approach and record-keeping. She ensures the timely completion of the balance sheet in 6 months and, thanks to her specialist knowledge, is a valuable help in complex reporting issues. We recommend her as a competent and empathetic advisor. “

To our success stories



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