NEW: The ECOnGOOD label for companies certified for the common good

NEW: The ECOnGOOD label for companies certified for the common good

General, fairness & transparency

With the ECOnGOOD label, the Common Good Economy (GWÖ) is bringing a new seal onto the market. Contrary to critics' claims that social and ethical sustainability cannot be measured, the GWÖ has created a simple instrument. The ECOnGOOD label not only provides you as a consumer with clarity, but is also intended to motivate politicians to introduce a comprehensive sustainability seal.

This is how ECOnGOOD works

In order to receive an ECOnGOOD label, every company must undergo an independent GWÖ audit and have a GWÖ report prepared. The report examines the company for sustainability in the following areas:


  • Human dignity
  • Solidarity and justice
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Transparancy and Co-decision


Such a report usually consists of around 100 pages and gives you as a consumer an insight behind the scenes of the company. In the GWÖ attestation, the results of the report are summarized in the form of scores.

What is new is that companies with the ECOnGOOD label can link directly to a profile page and the certificate from their products or information flyers. As a consumer, you can pull out your smartphone directly in the shop, scan the QR code and find out who exactly is behind the product.

Political relevance of ECOnGOOD

The primary goal of the common good economy is to give politicians impetus, as they are currently hesitant to support such a sustainability seal.
“The ECOnGOOD label shows that, contrary to some claims, ecological, social and ethical factors can be assessed and compared on the basis of an external audit,” explains Christian Felber, co-founder of the Common Good Economy. He further criticizes: “Current frameworks forego any ethical assessment. Our new label will enable consumers and investors to make informed and ethical decisions. It should also encourage politicians to create legal incentives to give sustainable and ethically responsible products the market advantage they deserve.”



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