"Aligning the hospitality and food industry for the common good AND to be economically successful". 

I'm Sandra...

Founder of DAS HELDEN-ATELIER, organizational developer and public welfare consultant in the certification process*.


I am in my early forties, I grew up in Swabia, I feel at home everywhere, I have 20 years of hotel, gastronomy and event experience, I blog about sustainable corporate heroes, I have a degree in business administration, I believe that each and every one of us can make the world a little better, I refuse to support companies that do not have integrity, I like jogging, I love to discover the world, I am committed to the economy of the common good and solidarity agriculture, I am a big animal lover, I practice yoga and meditate sometimes, I really like fresh organic vegetables, I love being in the forest and the mountains, I like to help other people and I am a passionate entrepreneur.


A few facts about me...

Sandra Wacker
  • Since 1998
    Different roles in international companies in the hotel and event industry


  • 2012
    Bachelor of Arts / Business Administration (University of Mannheim)


  • Since 2014
    3-times marathon finisher (Munich, Berlin & Stockholm)


  • Since 2020
    Member of the Economy for the Common Good and since 2023 consultant for the common good 



  • Since 2021








Orientation towards the common good, because sustainability is not enough

With DAS HELDEN-ATELIER, I rely on the values ​​of the Economy of the Common Good (ECG) from the start to set the guidelines for our actions. They create clarity and a compass in the jungle of entrepreneurship.


Ever since it was founded, DAS HELDEN-ATELIER has been a member company of the ECG, the "economic model with a future", which wants to turn the economy upside down again. Money should be a means and not the purpose of  business. Of course, companies should and must make reasonable profits. But producing or providing goods and services solely to make money is a bit like eating to get fat.


The principles of the ECG particularly support the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the United Nations adopted in 2015. Here, as there, it is about global, sustainable development for "People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership".


Our first ECG Balance Sheet is currently in progress and will be published here on the website in early 2023. In the report you can then read how DAS HELDEN-ATELIER operates ethically.







Gastdozentin an der Fakultät für Tourismus der Hochschule München

I have already worked several times as a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Tourism at Munich University of Applied Sciences.


I like giving lectures, working with and for schools, universities/colleges and other educational institutions on the subject of orientation towards the common good and sustainability.


Would you like to find out how DAS HELDEN-ATELIER can best help your company?


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