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  The mission of DAS HELDEN ATELIER:

"We are committed to supporting companies in their transformation into a sustainable, common good-oriented AND economically successful organization."


Nachhaltigkeitsberaterin Sandra-Wacker

Welcome to DAS HELDEN ATELIER, the consulting company that sets the course for a more sustainable future with pioneering spirit and practical commitment. At the center of this vision is our founder Sandra Wacker, a woman with a deeper mission to make every company a hero of change.

Sandra began her career with in-depth hotel management training and immersed herself deeply in the lively environment of the hotel and events industry. These years were formative because here she not only learned what excellent service means, but also the importance of efficiency, hospitality and business management. Sandra also acquired business know-how by studying business administration at the University of Mannheim. She also completed training to become a certified common good advisor.

With this equipment, Sandra decided to take a courageous step: founding DAS HELDEN ATELIER. Her goal? To support organizations in developing further in the interests of the common good and sustainability. DAS HELDEN ATELIER is Sandra's answer to the pressing questions of our time and reflects her conviction that economic success and social-ecological responsibility can and must go hand in hand.

The company advises with foresight and pragmatism. Whether it's about implementing green processes, strengthening corporate social responsibility or developing sustainable business models - Sandra Wacker supports her customers with advice and support to pave the way for a better corporate future together. She knows that every organization has the potential to have a positive impact on society and the environment and is ready to unleash that potential.

At DAS HELDEN ATELIER you will not find dogmatism, but rather lived, pragmatic sustainability. Sandra Wacker brings the hospitality of her hotel management career into her consulting work - she cares for her clients with the same attention and care with which she once greeted guests. The approach is always tailored and deeply personal, because Sandra knows that the journey towards greater sustainability and common good is unique for every company.

If necessary, DAS HELDEN ATELIER works with cooperation partners to expand the service portfolio and offer further, tailor-made solutions.

In DAS HELDEN ATELIER you will find a competent companion on your way to becoming a real hero in the sense of a sustainable company that is oriented towards the common good. We invite you to shape the future together with us – responsibly, sustainably and successfully.

A few facts about Sandra Wacker...

Sandra Wacker
  • Since 1998
    Different roles in international companies in the hotel and event industry
  • 2012
    Bachelor of Arts / Business Administration (University of Mannheim)
  • Since 2014
    3-times marathon finisher (Munich, Berlin & Stockholm)
  • Since 2020
    Member of the Economy for the Common Good and since 2023 consultant for the common good 
  • Since 2021






Orientation towards the common good because sustainability alone is not enough.


From the very beginning, DAS HELDEN ATELIER has been a proud member of the common good economy - a progressive economic model that strives for a renaissance of economic values. Here money is seen as what it should be: a tool and not the sole purpose of existence. Of course, the goal of every company is to make profits. However, it is a fallacy to believe that pure profit generation without any other purpose should be the ultimate business goal, comparable to eating solely for the purpose of gaining weight. 



DAS HELDEN ATELIER sees the methodologies of the Common Good Economy (GWÖ) as valuable support in promoting the 17 Sustainability Goals (SDGs), which were launched by the United Nations in 2015. This global effort of sustainable development seeks to promote human well-being, environmental protection, economic prosperity, peace and partnership in equal measure.

In 2023, we published our first common good report to make our path to public good orientation transparent and inspire others to do the same.




Educational mission


Sandra Wacker made a name for herself as a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Tourism at Munich University of Applied Sciences and has worked there several times. In the fall and winter semesters of 2023/24, she was given the opportunity to accompany and support students at the HM as a lecturer for a practice-oriented course on the economy for the common good throughout the semester.

Sandra Wacker is also a guest lecturer at the University for Sustainable Development in Eberswalde, not far from Berlin. She is committed to bringing her specialist knowledge and experience to various academic institutions.

Her passion for education is characterized by her willingness to give lectures and carry out projects with schools, universities and other educational institutions - always with a focus on the common good and sustainability.

With these activities, Sandra Wacker is making a significant contribution to not only raising awareness in the tourism industry, but also putting it on a more sustainable path.



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