ECG focus report

The low-threshold entry into the ECG

With the workshop series on the ECG FOCUS REPORT, you will get your first sustainability report within 3 months. You will find out the status quo of your company and receive valuable ideas on how to offer even more sustainable products and services and become a top employer and business partner.


The ECG focus report is a short version of the ECG balance sheet. It is a snapshot of your company with regard to your social, ecological and economic actions.


In the workshop series you will get an introduction to the management tool of the Economy of the common good - the Matrix 5.0. In dialogue with other companies, you exchange your valuable experiences and good practices and identify your own potential for improvement.


After completing the workshop series, you will have written your ECG focus report and will receive a certificate of participation that confirms that your company has dealt with the subject areas of the ECG matrix. Your company will remain competitive through management that is suitable for future generations.


By publishing your ECG focus report on your website, you can also draw attention to your sustainability awareness.



  • status quo of your company
  • Impulses for action oriented towards the common good
  • ECG FOCUS REPORT and corporate member of the ECG



  • All sectors, especially gastronomy, hotels, tourism and the food industry
  • Founders, start-ups, EPUs, SMEs, employees of large companies



  • 6 online appointments of 3 hours each with like-minded people who want to shape the entrepreneurial future
  • Workshop fee: EUR 500 plus 19% VAT per participant (10% discount for ECG member companies)


For the good feeling of having taken the first steps towards sustainability!


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